About Us

Metal Casino was created by a tight team of casino fiends and metalheads - and between us, we've spent more than 30 years in music, gaming, and tech companies. We're talking some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world, like Universal, Roadrunner, MTV, Spotify, Microsoft, Apple and Mr Green. We breathe music, gaming, and technology... but the one thing we all love is metal. And that’s why we're taking our joint head-banging sessions to a whole new level and creating some real magic. Just like any other new band out there, we’re committed to turning this baby into a monster, and our team is forever ready to rock. Our suits are branded t-shirts and black denim, and the only rings you’ll catch us wearing are grinning silver skulls on our middle fingers.

So, what makes Metal Casino a tough act to follow? We offer the world’s most popular slots, fast payments, and real live music experiences. With us, you have the chance to not only hit a big win, but get up close and personal with some of the heaviest names in metal. We’re much more than free spins, because all rockers who love gaming deserve a worthy stage. We're all about the rush of metal and winning combined - so join now and come shred with us!

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