Metal Casino Foundation

Metal Casino Foundation

We started Metal Casino as a group of friends with a simple idea – to celebrate hard rock music and having fun at the casino. Simple as that. We looked around and nobody else was doing it. So, f**k it, we did it!

This is a community – people that love hanging out, laughing, arguing about which Maiden album is best, and winning some money. And we also stand for something that hopefully makes this floating ball in space (Earth) a little bit better along the way. So, here’s how we’re doing it:

Metal. Because that’s what we love.

We’re here to support music. Proper heavy metal music. Young bands, studios, festivals, fans etc. that are carrying the torch and keeping it real. We have some good people on our advisory board, including a few names you might have heard of:

Ozzy Osbourne; Ryan Roxie; Scott Ian; Dave Ellefson; and Gary Holt to name a few…

So, send us a link to your music, tell us what you’re doing, or show us just how metal you are. We’re always hungry for fresh ideas and talent!

Sea Shepherd. Because this is our planet.

These guys kick ass and have been since 1977. What do they do? Sea Shepherd are like Greenpeace with muscles. And tattoos. The organisation has been fighting for the environmental health of our oceans and seas for decades. With their direct-action tactics, and international fleet of vessels, they go straight for the throat of corporations and governments that are endangering sealife around the world.

We support them and so do a long list of badass artists – check out their website to see Aerosmith aboard one of their vessels (wearing shades no less).

So, stay tuned for updates on both of our projects and keep on keeping it real.

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